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  • Innovative designs for bottles, tubes and tottles
  • Attractive smooth wall and serrated styles
  • Custom and stock
  • Logo insert capability
  • Lining capability
  • Ergonomic thumb lifts
  • Easy open/easy close
  • Non-protruding hinges
  • Clog resistant orifices
  • Friction fit and threaded
  • Orifice sizes from 1.5mm (.060") to 28.5mm (1.122")
  • On site color matching, formulating and compounding
  • Pinpoint direction dispensing
  • Dual color capability
  • Orifice sizes from dropper to large rectangular
  • Lining capability
  • Child resistant
  • Friction fit and threaded
  • Custom and stock
  • Popular sizes for bottles, tubes and cans
  • Ideal for chemical, automotive, household products, etc.


Child Resistant (CR) Closures may be included in child resistant applications when appropriately tested and certified using your completed package.

Whether you're in the market for Polycams® (flip tops, hinged), spouted closures (turret caps) or applicators, Polytop has the dispensing cap you need. We offer custom designs and stock items that are sure to please. Polytop is your leading supplier for one-stop in-house color capabilities. We are proud to offer on-site color matching, formulating and compounding. Our in-house Color Analysts are readily available to expertly match the custom color of your choice. Contact us today!

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